APPlife Digital Solutions Inc.

This is what sets us apart

Our Story

Create. Invest. Build.

APPlife Digital Solutions Inc. is a business incubator and portfolio manager that uses digital technology to create and invest in e-commerce and cloud based solutions.

We strive to grow revenue and maintain equity in each business in our portfolio. We create and invest in solutions for work, home life, recreation and research, that make our users more productive and more efficient.

Our Advantage


Our offices in San Francisco and Shanghai, China provide key technology advantages. Our Shanghai based network consists of the world’s best coders and developers. This allows us the benefit of both cost saving and time management to our clients. Our San Francisco Office, our US base for marketing, legal, accounting and project management.


Our cloud based businesses are designed to provide easy-to-use life solutions, often to address everyday issues and needs. They include a wide array of topics and needed services to cover the full marketplace across the spectrum.


Our experienced executive management, advisors and board of directors gives us the ability to innovate and expedite new products. Our team successfully creates and develops new eCommerce businesses that are profitable and revenue based as well as identifies viable investment opportunities.

APPlife development methodology